With their 2014 election wins, the right-wing hasn't held this many seats in Congress since 1948—when the National Committee for an Effective Congress was founded!

2016 US Senate Elections

Republicans seized control of the US Senate by flipping nine of the 21 Democratic-held seats up for election. They also tightened their grip on the US House with a net gain of 13 seats. This shift threatens far reaching consequences as the right-wing now believes it has a mandate and is already preparing to ram through a radical agenda. Doubtless, we will see a push to repeal hard-won healthcare reforms and efforts to secure government hand-outs for their corporate interests.

To our advantage, the 2016 map presents an excellent opportunity to reclaim control of the Senate as overreaching Republicans must defend 24 of the 34 seats up for election in the coming Presidential year.

Recapturing the House will be a greater challenge as Republicans used their advantage in state legislatures to secure control of many seats through craven gerrymandering. Still, dozens of opportunities exist and the NCEC is working intently to identify the best districts to recover and begin chipping away at an extremely lopsided Republican majority.

Looking Forward

In this past election, organizations spent tens of millions of dollars to help win contests that never had the slimmest chance of succeeding. Sophisticated techniques, alone, cannot drive winning campaigns when underlying strategy defies electoral fundamentals.

Combining lasting wisdom with fresh thinking, the NCEC focuses on providing the best fundamental analysis possible. Recent improvements to our technology infrastructure have advanced the speed and accuracy of our data handling, quality assurance, and analytical capability to guide winning strategy.

Assisting progressive candidates (at no cost to them) can only happen with your continuing support. Renewing your membership in the NCEC will show the right-wing that we remain steadfast and determined to protect our democracy from extremism.